Saturday, October 22, 2016


That is just what I can describe myself right now.
I have the opportunity to have an education.
I never had a major financial problem.
I never go to bed starved, hungry and wondering what to eat tomorrow.
I have a family that truly cares and love me.
I can buy clothes and things that I wanted.
I have friends that truly accepted me for who I am.
I live peacefully without a care of the world outside.

But why I... selfish that I forgot to be grateful?

On the other side of the world...
Someone's crying for the education that he/she couldn't have.
A person fighting their hunger and exhaustion and wonder if he/she could see the light of tomorrow.
A boy, desperate for money, forget the dreams he had when he was younger, and move on.
Orphans, crying and wishing that they could do anything just to meet their parents again.
A girl, hurting herself, because she had no better solution to her problems other than hiding the pain with bigger ones.

and still...
I complained.

...with a life someone wished they had.

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