Monday, August 8, 2016

Whew Finally an Update!

I think I have a habit of making my blog berhabuk. Hahaha. I haven't update in sooooo long even though I promised myself to do so . Ni baru namanya " janji-janji melayu". Okay, so the reason I havent been blogging for a while is because I really don't know what to blog about and I dont have the time (eceh excuses je lebih padahal kau tak jenguk pun blog kau)(im sorry dear blog i still love youuu) Eh wait... I havent written any greetings kat depan . I'm a bad blogger and I'm too lazy to move the cursor upward. So Hi and assalamualaikum!  Just pretend you havent read anything before the greeting. So yes, back to what I was going to blog about.. Hmmm what was it .... Ah yes! So I decided to blog more about my daily life as a university student in Jengka. I was too critical on what I should write here. Too choosy and too serious. To avoid getting myself bored to death reading my own blog posts , I guess I will do like really short updates on my daily life here. Funny, weird , interesting things that happened to me. Trust me, 3 semesters down , THERE ARE SOOOO MANY FUNNY AND MEMORABLE sheanigans happened to me. So while eating nasi kambing mandhi this evening, I had a brilliant idea to write them all here so that I can read them in the future and laugh at all the weird things I've done in life. So shoutout to Zai cause I think you will be appearing on a lot of my blog posts since we do a lot of crazy things here in Jengka.

To start off the post here's a little conversation I had while trying to buy apam balik crispy.

Me : Pakcik , apam balik berapa satu?
Pakcik : 2 singgit dik. nak berapa?
Me : nak dua
Pakcik : 2 ringgit?
Me : Tak seringgit
Pakcik : *Buat muka cam wut ok den
Zai : *Reaches for me to give seringgit
Me : *Gives 2 ringgit
Pakcik : WUT
Zai : WUT
Me : WUT


YES I ONLY WANT TO BUY ONE RINGGIT OF 2 APAM BALIK WHY WAS I SO CONFUSE?!??!?!  Pakcik tu cam wtf is wrong with this girl naik motor lain macam aku tengok.

So yes that's like my normal life. this post ends here. bye !