Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Under Construction

Hi and Assalamualaikum.

I think my blog is a mess. The orange template is making me dizzy. So I decided to do a little edit on my blog hehe. Trying to find a simple but pretty template so that you guys won't suffer trying to load my blog.

Oh, I've been catching up reading blogs from bloggers I used to follow and stalk. It's soooo weird now. I remember following them through their universities rant and now most of them got married and got kids already. Time flies so fast. Tak lama lagi would I be the one yang ada husband and ada anak pula? Hahahaha gatal Syahirah is gatal. I remembered following Hanis Zalikha's blog from her Uitm and modelling days. Now dah kahwin ada anak,husband, kucing (bujibu) bagai dah. It's sooo weird. There's even a blogger I followed who wrote a book and it even got produced into a drama. I even bought her book cause I recognized her name . Cehh come on lah kena lah support bloggers kan kan .

Wait, this post is about me trying to change my blog template. Why I melalut entah , I really don't know. Hahaha. Tomorrow, my class starts at 2 pm . Actually ada assignment solid for tomorrow but considering my procrastinating butt, obviously I wont do it early. Bored out of my mind, Zai pun tidur already , I decided to do a little edit of my blog. No major write up today since nothing too interesting happened to me today. Sorry hehe! 

Today I had kor as usual. And we had to add two more songs to our Merdeka's march. So the total songs now is 6! Temasya dulu pun , I only had two memorize two songs and it was soooo freaking hard, But now, I dah hafal almost 4 songs !! (Tanggal 31 Ogos, Malaysia Bejaya, Cekap dan Saksama and Jalur Gemilang) So proud of myself ( I'm giving pats on my shoulder to congralute myself ni haha) So I need to hafal almost 3 songs je now hehe. Ni pun because I was forced to hafal since Haikal tak datang last weekend. Sempuuut habis main sorang haha , separuh nyawa je tinggal lepas last weekend. Nyawa-nyawa ikan kering dah ahhahaha. Malam ni takde training band sebab tu lah I'm using this freedom sebaiknya,

Nah I belanja a failed Temasya practice video. Hahahaha lawak ah. Sumbang gila hahahah ( I blame the instruments) Jangan gelak ok.#imissthis

Okay dah penat tulis. Bye guyssss ,
Ps; I told you this is no major write up tapi panjang lebar.
Pss: I find it easy to write long post now. Sorry ahaha !

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