Thursday, April 28, 2016


One evening, we were having cravings for laksa. Settled my sister’s university stuff, we went to Ampang Point and went to a small restaurant, famous for its delicious laksa. It was crowded. Too crowded. People were standing outside the restaurant, waiting impatiently. Tension was there as people hunt for empty seats, just like eagles hunting their own prey. 15 minutes later, we managed to get a seat. Just as usual, I was the one to order the food. I sat down after I ordered. My eyes wondered aimlessly in boredom.  My eyes stopped. Fixed at a figure two tables away from us. A woman. My heart nearly stopped working. She looked exactly like my ibu. The food arrived and I ate while my eyes kept reverting back at her. I was afraid that she might just be a fig of my imagination. She was laughing with her colleagues. Her smile was different as it was to ibu. Similar, but not the same. My heart ached with longing for ibu. I felt that even if I hugged the stranger and talked to her, it might relieve the pain I was having. But I know, that wouldn’t suffice. I was quiet on the whole journey back home. I was really glad that no one noticed my silence. Wouldn’t it be hard to explain that I just saw someone who looked exactly like my ibu who passed away 3 years ago?


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