Saturday, October 22, 2016


That is just what I can describe myself right now.
I have the opportunity to have an education.
I never had a major financial problem.
I never go to bed starved, hungry and wondering what to eat tomorrow.
I have a family that truly cares and love me.
I can buy clothes and things that I wanted.
I have friends that truly accepted me for who I am.
I live peacefully without a care of the world outside.

But why I... selfish that I forgot to be grateful?

On the other side of the world...
Someone's crying for the education that he/she couldn't have.
A person fighting their hunger and exhaustion and wonder if he/she could see the light of tomorrow.
A boy, desperate for money, forget the dreams he had when he was younger, and move on.
Orphans, crying and wishing that they could do anything just to meet their parents again.
A girl, hurting herself, because she had no better solution to her problems other than hiding the pain with bigger ones.

and still...
I complained.

...with a life someone wished they had.

Sunday, August 21, 2016


Salam and hi fellow humans.

My hands are itching to write an update (jk I have allergic reactions these past weeks until now and idk why probably ayam haha). I’ve been quite busy because of so many tests , quizzes, brassband training and so on. Oh cakap pasal test, I had this solid test which WAS SO FREAKING HARD! I DON’T GET IT WHY THE LECTURER (dahlah my own lecturer) MADE THE QUESTIONS SO HARD ?!?!?! LIKE WHY ARE YOU TRYING TO FAIL YOUR STUDENTS SO BAD ? NAK TENGOK MUKA KITAORANG LAGI KE SEM DEPAN ?!!??? DAHLAH 30% OF THE TOTAL MARKS. IM PRETTY DAMN SURE 60% OF SOLID STUDENTS FAILED THAT PAPER. LIKE WHYYY WHYYY WHYYY ????? Okay enough with the capital letters. I shall not think about that paper anymore. I shall not. I will not. I must not. I would not. I do not want to. BUT SERIOUSLLYYYY WHY ???!!?!?!?? (*frustrated+annoyed+angry+lapar secream)

(Distracting myself with Ed Skrein's sexiness hahaha im ok now)

Okay then. After the solid rant above let's talk about something less annoying and frustrating. haha. Al kisah, Zai and I were craving KFC last week . So we went to kfc to eat some fried chikin lah . So lepas dapat all the makanan , we went to tingkat atas KFC the usual tempat lepak students. (siapa duduk bawa tak cool ah cehh haha) Borak borak cam biasa. And then I told Zai how the night before , after training I went to MS lepak lepak dengan my bandmates. We saw like a group of students pakai tudung labuh berkopiah bagai. Pelik gak ah sebab it was already 11 something pm. Like what are they doing here? Dah malam dahh kottt. Dahlah ada yang handsome. Nasib baik budak sekolah hahaahahahah, Anyways, so I lepas cerita tu cakap "hmm nasib baik pakai baju biasa kalau pakai jubah hitam ramai ramai mesti menakutkan" And then Zai terdistracted dengan someone behind me. Before she could say anything to me at all I finished my stupid story macam biasa "kalau semua pakai jubah hitam, macam geng jubah hitam pula dah nak sebar ajaran sesat pula dah (lepastu gelak cam setan)" and then... I knew who Zai was looking at while I was finishing my story. Right after my stupid story, ada akak pakai jubah hitam duduk right behind Zai. And her friend was there all along. Krikk...krikk...

Tak cukup with one story? Here's another one. Like I said before, I was having like allergic reactions from god knows what.  Last week lepas kelas je, Zai and I went to isi minyak motor dulu and then right after that pergi poliklinik 1 Malaysia dekat dengan stesen minyak bagai.I parked the motor ( dah best dah masuk kotak bagai), tapi I suddenly questioned the capabilities of the poliknik . I asked Zai patut pergi poliklinik ke hospital besar. And she said"selalunya kalau poliklinik ni dia MA je yang check and dia check gitu gitu je. Better hospital besar" So , for the sake of my not-so beautiful skin to become normal again, I decided, you know what, jauh pun jauhlah janji dapat jumpa doktor. Yes, poliklinik to hospital besar is quite jauh since we had to patah balik in the direction to Uitm. 
Sampai je sana Zai tunjuk ke arah Wad bersalin . (k tak lawak zai haha) And then we went to register dekat Unit Kecemasan.

A conversation with the pegawai Unit Kecemasan(PUK) :

PUK: Ye, awak sakit apa?
Me: Hmm saya kena allergic ni. Saya nak jumpa doktor.
PUK: Hmm allergic? Dekat sini kecemasan dengan rawatan pakar je. Kena ada appointment. Untuk allergic macam tu bukan dekat sini.
Zai : Habistu dekat mana encik?
PUK: Ohh ni awak kena pergi dekat klinik yang dekat jalan besar tu. 
(hatiku sudah dupdap dupdap pls jangan kata poliklinik yang baru je kitaorang pergi tu)
Zai : Oh yang dekat mana satu ye?
PUK : Alaa yang dekat dengan TM tu, dekat dengan stesen minyak semua.
Zai dan Syahirah : (hanya mampu mengesat air mata sambil gelak teraniaya) oh Poliknik tu ke?
PUK : Ya,ataupun awak pergi klink 1Malaysia dekat bandar (macam tahu tahu je hati kitaorang tengah pecah seribu)

Ku keciwaaaa. We dragged our feet balik ke motor. Kebodohan apakah yang kami telah lakukan  ini ?!? hahaha. Ok taknak give up lagi , we went to klinik dekat bandar. Tanya akak kaunter tu nak jumpa doktor ni sebab allergic, doktor ada ke? And she said "hmm MA ada awak tunggu 5min" *hampir mengalir air mata. Ok takpe positif lagi.

Here's a conversation with the MA (he's a guy):

MA: ok sakit apa (tengok atas bawah)
Me : Hmm saya punya tangan kena allergic.
MA: (tengok sikit my tangan) Hmm kau kena kurap ni.
Me : Tapi saya rasa saya kena ni sebab ....
MA: Hmmph memang kurap ni.
Me : Haritu saya makan ayam saya rasa .....
MA : tak tak ni kurap ni...
Me : tapi saya.....
MA : kesian boyfriend awak dia tengok tangan awak macam ni.
Me : tapi.....
MA : Ok dekat sini takde ubat makan untuk hilangkan kurap kau tu tapi ada ubat sapu ni blaaa... blaa.....
Me : ok den bij

APAHAL DOH DIA BUKANNYA NAK TANYA BILA START GATAL GATAL, KENAPA, MACAMANA , SEBELUM NI KENA BILA??/!!! Like idc if its kurap or whatever tapi tanyalah betul-betul. hadoiiii buat hangin je. Dahlah berkau kau bagai. To conclude, that day adalah hari paling annoying dalam dunia. hahaha

I'm kinda penat nak menulis dah and I have a class in 25 mins . Tu je blog post for today. Bye guys !!

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Under Construction

Hi and Assalamualaikum.

I think my blog is a mess. The orange template is making me dizzy. So I decided to do a little edit on my blog hehe. Trying to find a simple but pretty template so that you guys won't suffer trying to load my blog.

Oh, I've been catching up reading blogs from bloggers I used to follow and stalk. It's soooo weird now. I remember following them through their universities rant and now most of them got married and got kids already. Time flies so fast. Tak lama lagi would I be the one yang ada husband and ada anak pula? Hahahaha gatal Syahirah is gatal. I remembered following Hanis Zalikha's blog from her Uitm and modelling days. Now dah kahwin ada anak,husband, kucing (bujibu) bagai dah. It's sooo weird. There's even a blogger I followed who wrote a book and it even got produced into a drama. I even bought her book cause I recognized her name . Cehh come on lah kena lah support bloggers kan kan .

Wait, this post is about me trying to change my blog template. Why I melalut entah , I really don't know. Hahaha. Tomorrow, my class starts at 2 pm . Actually ada assignment solid for tomorrow but considering my procrastinating butt, obviously I wont do it early. Bored out of my mind, Zai pun tidur already , I decided to do a little edit of my blog. No major write up today since nothing too interesting happened to me today. Sorry hehe! 

Today I had kor as usual. And we had to add two more songs to our Merdeka's march. So the total songs now is 6! Temasya dulu pun , I only had two memorize two songs and it was soooo freaking hard, But now, I dah hafal almost 4 songs !! (Tanggal 31 Ogos, Malaysia Bejaya, Cekap dan Saksama and Jalur Gemilang) So proud of myself ( I'm giving pats on my shoulder to congralute myself ni haha) So I need to hafal almost 3 songs je now hehe. Ni pun because I was forced to hafal since Haikal tak datang last weekend. Sempuuut habis main sorang haha , separuh nyawa je tinggal lepas last weekend. Nyawa-nyawa ikan kering dah ahhahaha. Malam ni takde training band sebab tu lah I'm using this freedom sebaiknya,

Nah I belanja a failed Temasya practice video. Hahahaha lawak ah. Sumbang gila hahahah ( I blame the instruments) Jangan gelak ok.#imissthis

Okay dah penat tulis. Bye guyssss ,
Ps; I told you this is no major write up tapi panjang lebar.
Pss: I find it easy to write long post now. Sorry ahaha !

Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Shameful Tuesday

Assalamualaikum and hi guys!

Syahirah nak cerita something freaking embarrassing that happened today. Today Tuesday, we had a maths quiz. Alhamdulillah boleh jawab (thank you madam nazihah buat soalan senang so that we wont fail your subject ! hahah) . So madam let us go out early as she had a meeting . We were out from the class at near to 3 pm . My next class was at 4. So we had more than hour to study for the next fluid class. Gigih naik tingkat 3 blok bidara to find an empty class nak study dengan Zai and Afiqah. Dah nak start class tu we went downstairs and still the class is full with budak kelas A. Haih why lah lecturer ni semangat sangat nak mengajar haha. Setiap minggu lambat keluar.

Oleh sebab malas nak tunggu, I peeked at the window kelas sebelah. Hmm I dont think there's anyone in the class.  I, full of confidence, masuk kelas sebelah while singing lagu One Dance Drake tu dengan penuh semangat siap dengan hand movements sambil kepala geleng-geleng lagi. Tiba tiba, ada suara garau out of nowhere " awak ada kelas dekat sini ke? " TERUS STOP LAGU ONE DANCE TU APA LAGI. I DIDNT NOTICED THERE WAS A LECTURER DEKAT MEJA NEAR THE PINTU TU. BAYANGKAN APA DIA DENGAR AND LIHAT.

I , like a normal person would, ran straight towards the door , keluar dengan Afiqah yang sama ikut belakang , laughing like a maniac. Zai, like an even normal person would, pergi masuk balik and explained yang kitaorang saja je nak singgah jap tunggu kelas start. HAHAHHAHHHA HADOI WHY DO I HAVE TO SING AND DANCE SEKALI. NASIB BAIK TAK NYANYI LAGU SPONGEBOB SEBAB BEFORE THAT NYANYI LAGU TU. HAHHAHAAHA okay pikir balik pun macam apa je.

Oh one more annoying thing nak cerita . Last week, lepas drawing macam gila stayed up sampai pukul 5, we were praying so hard solid takde class. Class solid is at 8pm while drawing lepas tu for 3 hours. Nak siapkan drawing punya pasal sanggup stayed up lama lama. So we, full of hopes yang class solid takde esok paginya, tanyalah dalam group class. The only person yang respond dalam group tu was Syed. Dia kata class solid cancelled with smiley terbalik. Naive and percaya sangat dekat si Syed ni, kitaorang pun bodoh bodoh je bangun lambat. Then, we went to drawing class. Takde apa yang pelik , its just that ramai budak lelaki sampai lambat. So in my mind, I was like ni mesti baru bangun ni mentang mentang takde kelas pagi. Semua buat macam biasa. No questions whatsoever.

Esoknya, kelas solid, tiba tiba Sir tanya "what about my non face to face?". Dengan bangganya keluarkan kerja rumah last week. Bila sir nak discuss and he did it dekat whiteboard, we realised. AIK MACAM TAK PERNAH BELAJAR JE LAGI. Ok Syahrah chill,  mesti sir ingat dah ajar kelas kitaorang walaupun in reality belum. Then tengok belakang meja budak lelaki. OOOOKAAAAY KENAPA DIORANG DAH ADA NOTA. okay Syahirah dont panic. OKAYYYYY BUDAK KELAS JAWAB DENGAN PENUH SEMANGAT DISCUSSION SIR. SIR DENGAN GEMBIRANYA CAKAP " okay senang je kan chapter ni, next week saya masuk chapter baru." OKAY SEJAK BILA DAH HABIS CHAPTER WTF IS GOING ON?!

Then we finally realized, we were just too naive. Si Syed tu buat lawak yang tak seberapa lawak lah. "Weh sorrylah aku memain je, aku ingatkan dah bagi smiley terbalik tu kau faham". Obviously we had to maki Syed sebab main main benda tak kelakar hahahahah. Memang pandang dia penuh kebencian lah lepas tu. SEBAB DIA I HAD ALREADY MISSED 4 CLASSES. IF I KENA REPEAT IM BLAMING YOU! Hari ni boleeehhh pula dia nak buat lawak cakap " kelas esok solid ada tau" Haihhh rasa nak cubit berapi je dia tu hadoiii.

Ok that's all the rant I'm doing today. Hahaha bye.

Monday, August 8, 2016

Whew Finally an Update!

I think I have a habit of making my blog berhabuk. Hahaha. I haven't update in sooooo long even though I promised myself to do so . Ni baru namanya " janji-janji melayu". Okay, so the reason I havent been blogging for a while is because I really don't know what to blog about and I dont have the time (eceh excuses je lebih padahal kau tak jenguk pun blog kau)(im sorry dear blog i still love youuu) Eh wait... I havent written any greetings kat depan . I'm a bad blogger and I'm too lazy to move the cursor upward. So Hi and assalamualaikum!  Just pretend you havent read anything before the greeting. So yes, back to what I was going to blog about.. Hmmm what was it .... Ah yes! So I decided to blog more about my daily life as a university student in Jengka. I was too critical on what I should write here. Too choosy and too serious. To avoid getting myself bored to death reading my own blog posts , I guess I will do like really short updates on my daily life here. Funny, weird , interesting things that happened to me. Trust me, 3 semesters down , THERE ARE SOOOO MANY FUNNY AND MEMORABLE sheanigans happened to me. So while eating nasi kambing mandhi this evening, I had a brilliant idea to write them all here so that I can read them in the future and laugh at all the weird things I've done in life. So shoutout to Zai cause I think you will be appearing on a lot of my blog posts since we do a lot of crazy things here in Jengka.

To start off the post here's a little conversation I had while trying to buy apam balik crispy.

Me : Pakcik , apam balik berapa satu?
Pakcik : 2 singgit dik. nak berapa?
Me : nak dua
Pakcik : 2 ringgit?
Me : Tak seringgit
Pakcik : *Buat muka cam wut ok den
Zai : *Reaches for me to give seringgit
Me : *Gives 2 ringgit
Pakcik : WUT
Zai : WUT
Me : WUT


YES I ONLY WANT TO BUY ONE RINGGIT OF 2 APAM BALIK WHY WAS I SO CONFUSE?!??!?!  Pakcik tu cam wtf is wrong with this girl naik motor lain macam aku tengok.

So yes that's like my normal life. this post ends here. bye !

Thursday, April 28, 2016


One evening, we were having cravings for laksa. Settled my sister’s university stuff, we went to Ampang Point and went to a small restaurant, famous for its delicious laksa. It was crowded. Too crowded. People were standing outside the restaurant, waiting impatiently. Tension was there as people hunt for empty seats, just like eagles hunting their own prey. 15 minutes later, we managed to get a seat. Just as usual, I was the one to order the food. I sat down after I ordered. My eyes wondered aimlessly in boredom.  My eyes stopped. Fixed at a figure two tables away from us. A woman. My heart nearly stopped working. She looked exactly like my ibu. The food arrived and I ate while my eyes kept reverting back at her. I was afraid that she might just be a fig of my imagination. She was laughing with her colleagues. Her smile was different as it was to ibu. Similar, but not the same. My heart ached with longing for ibu. I felt that even if I hugged the stranger and talked to her, it might relieve the pain I was having. But I know, that wouldn’t suffice. I was quiet on the whole journey back home. I was really glad that no one noticed my silence. Wouldn’t it be hard to explain that I just saw someone who looked exactly like my ibu who passed away 3 years ago?


Wednesday, March 9, 2016

The Typical New Year Blog Post.

Hi and Assalamualaikum.

New Year. New blog. New entry.

  I can't believe that it's already 2016. Time sure flies fast. I still remember the days when I would walk back from my primary school, buy an ice-cream and go back home without a care in the world. Growing up I realised that, life isn’t that simple. There are so many things that we have to care about now.

  This year on March, I’m turning 19. Yes, the last year for me to have the ‘teen’ on my age. To be honest, it scares me. In my pre-teen, I couldn’t wait to grow up and be an adult. Now, however, a year away from turning one, I feel like running away and hide from it. (Hahaha). Being an adult carries so much responsibilities. But I know, it’s time for me to be more mature now (standing applause please). But hey, age doesn’t defy maturity right? I’m still a kid at heart to be honest (I do pretend that I’m secretly a dinosaur sometimes. Don’t judge)

  Reflecting back on the year 2015, it was full of rainbows, storms, hurricanes, sunshine and rain of life. It was the year where I started my university life (yay!)(Wait not yay cause so much work)(Back to crying). Hahaha. I’m currently doing my diploma in Civil Engineering in Uitm Jengka. Now I’m a part2 students. Can’t tell you how hectic my life is right now especially I’m close to one week to Finals.

  Back to 2015, to me, it was a year where friendships made in school were tested. If you really want to know if your high school friends are really your friends, then just wait until your high school period ends. Long distance is not only for couples. In friendship, it can be an issue as well. There are friends whom in school you’d be really close to, but after school ends, not a single word you’ll hear from them. Yes, like any relationship, friendship needs effort. However, I do admit that I’m a bad friend. I really should make more effort and time for my friends. To any of my friends that is reading this, I’m sorry, and I love you (hehe)!

  The purpose of starting a new blog, I guess I want to start fresh. I do want to keep a diary (sort of) of things that happened in my life so I could, you know, cherish back the memories, and look back at it in the future. It’s funny how I could read my own level of maturity based on my old blog posts. That is one of the reason why I haven’t deleted my older blog. It’s funny yet nostalgic (hahaha). I am that kind of person who keeps a diary (again don’t judge). I’ve been writing my life on paper and online since I was six I think. But I was in writing hiatus since 2014 till now. It’s not a wonder that I do miss writing. However, in terms of how frequent my writing is, I am promising myself to write more this year. (Finger crossed hehe)

  I guess I better stop here since I might go and write things that deter away from my topic. So here’s to a new year and a new blog! I hope everyone will have a blessed and a happy year. Cheers!

Back into the new year with new spirit,